The Story of

La Bella Fay...

    La Bella Fay came to Amanda after months of thought and    ideas about what she had envisioned for a name but one that  also had meaning behind it. This is the story of how La Bella  Fay came to be...

Having Italian mixed into Amanda’s heritage La Bella translated means ‘the beautiful’ and Amanda always felt that La Bella had a lovely elegant sound to the words. Now all she needed was a word to go along with it.

    When Amanda was a young girl, her late grandmother, affectionately known as Jojo, always had an interest in fairies and the Gum Nut Babies. Jojo would draw pictures and show her beautifully illustrated books of fairies and read her the stories. Amanda was fascinated with the mythical creatures and their beauty that was depicted in the stories.

    So as the years went on, Amanda and Jojo always had a lovely connection that surrounded the fairy world and to this day, Amanda still has all the pictures, stories and birthday cards that Jojo had given her over time which she cherishes dearly.

Amanda was tidying up the salon one day after her client and was just thinking about how her middle name was Fay and it’s lovely that that name has been carried on through 3 generations.

   Then it clicked...

  After calling her mother, father and a close friend to see what they thought of the name everyone agreed that it sounded lovely and had quite an elegant, prestigious sound to it.

Curious to see what Fay meant in Italian, to see if it suited the theme, Amanda was delighted and a little emotional to discover that ‘Fay’ in Italian is derived from the word ‘ a Fairy’.

Fay (ProperNoun) , originally a nickname from "a fairy".


 La Bella Fay was born and even though Jojo is no longer with us, she will forever be apart of the La Bella Fay story...

  La Bella Fay ...

  The Beautiful Fairy.