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Behind the Brand...


My brother and I when we were working in NT/Far Nth Qld on cattle stations 450kms apart, He flew into my station to pick me up and we went into Mount Isa for the weekend after not seeing each other for a few months. 

This is one of my pet lambs that I found up the paddock stranded ( dad still thinks I stole it from its mum) I hand reared it and called it Lamby. Lamby is still running around the farm and is around 8yrs of age now. 


Hi ! My name is Amanda. 

I'm a country girl at heart and when I'm not in the salon I am in one of three places. 

- Home with my Husband Michael, our beautiful baby boy, Gabriel and the Floofs! Archie and Rosie.

- Out on our family sheep and cattle station helping Dad and visiting family.

-Somewhere in Australia learning a new skill or upskilling.

I spent time overseas when I was 18 travelling and exploring. After arriving home, I started my Private Pilots Licence, but I moved up to the NT and NW Qld working on Cattle Stations for a few years as a Jillaroo and Governess before I could finish my licence. Following that I lived in Mount Isa for a few years working as a Dental Nurse and as a Makeup Artist on the side before coming home in my mid 20's to help dad on the station. 

I then made my way to Canberra with the idea of adding more certifications to my repertoire thinking I'd be here for 10 months and I haven't left... 

With almost a decade of experience behind me now I am confident in my skills to enhance your individual features and enhance your natural beauty.

I am an impassioned artist with a devoted client base. I have strived to build a strong following among clients and fellow artists in the makeup , beauty and nail industry as a dedicated professional with a contemporary craft. Having worked across the length and breadth of the field - I hold a rare and diverse skill set.


My greatest passion is personal and professional growth accompanied with  my hunger for education while holding 72+ certifications within the make up, cosmetic tattooing, wedding and beauty. 

Some highlights of my career has been :

4th place Nationally in Australian Wedding Industry Awards 2022 for Beauty Therapist and Salon.

1st place State Winner Australian Wedding Industry Awards 2022 and 2023

2nd place Brides Choice Awards in ACT and Surrounding Districts  Brides Choice Awards 2019 and 2020,

Canberra Local Business Awards Finalist 2020, 2021, 2022

Local Business Awards Business Person of the Year Finalist 2020, 2021

Nominated for Telstra Woman in Business Awards 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Featured in Canberra Weekly, Professional Beauty

Skin Therapist Australia Finalist 2019

Lash Salon of the year Finalist 2018

Lash Artist of the Year Finalist 2018

Standout Salon of the Year 2018


My father and I mustering on a cattle station in far North Qld. My father worked on cattle stations when he was younger as well so it was amazing to do it together.


The Floofs at the farm.
( Left to Right )

Archie 12months
Loves Chewing everything, eating grass and sticks and taking all the toys away from the other dogs.

Rosie 2.5 years
Loves going to the salon for client cuddles.  Treats and going for drives.

and little Chuppy / ChuppaChupp / Chupsta 
My Step Mum and dads little pocket rocket.
Loves her donut toy, balls and chasing rats in the haysheds and under tin.

The Story of
La Bella Fay...

Airbrush Make Up - Samual White Photography

Me doing what I love.
Airbrushed Make up for another stunning bride.The final steps before the bride puts on her dress.... 

    La Bella Fay came to Amanda after months of thought and    ideas about what she had envisioned for a name but one that  also had meaning behind it. This is the story of how La Bella  Fay came to be...

Having Italian mixed into Amanda’s heritage La Bella translated means ‘the beautiful’ and Amanda always felt that La Bella had a lovely elegant sound to the words. Now all she needed was a word to go along with it.

    When Amanda was a young girl, her late grandmother, affectionately known as Jojo, always had an interest in fairies and the Gum Nut Babies. Jojo would draw pictures and show her beautifully illustrated books of fairies and read her the stories. Amanda was fascinated with the mythical creatures and their beauty that was depicted in the stories.

    So as the years went on, Amanda and Jojo always had a lovely connection that surrounded the fairy world and to this day, Amanda still has all the pictures, stories and birthday cards that Jojo had given her over time which she cherishes dearly.

Amanda was tidying up the salon one day after her client and was just thinking about how her middle name was Fay and it’s lovely that that name has been carried on through 3 generations.

   Then it clicked...

  After calling her mother, father and a close friend to see what they thought of the name everyone agreed that it sounded lovely and had quite an elegant, prestigious sound to it.

Curious to see what Fay meant in Italian, to see if it suited the theme, Amanda was delighted and a little emotional to discover that ‘Fay’ in Italian is derived from the word ‘ a Fairy’.

Fay (ProperNoun) , originally a nickname from "a fairy".


 La Bella Fay was born and even though Jojo is no longer with us, she will forever be apart of the La Bella Fay story...

  La Bella Fay ...

  The Beautiful Fairy.

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