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So he proposed...

Now what?

Congratulations! How exciting!!!

The love of your life has popped the question,

you feel giddy, can not wipe the smile from your face and tears of joy just keep coming.

Your fairytale is just beginning..

With this fairy tale comes decisions too...

Who's going to do my make up? 




My Waxing?


Can they travel? 

Then comes frustration, anxiety and the stress of having to research the artists and salons that you have found, contacting the salons or artists to get quotes, everyone offers something different, then trying to book all of these appointments and praying they will be all available on the same day/week that you need them to be.

Then the most time consuming part of all these appointments is traveling to one salon to get your nails then to another for your waxing and then again for all of the other appointments.

This is time consuming and in your busy day to day life this is very impractical.

If only there was a salon who could do it all for you and make everything easy..

Hi, I'm Amanda and I've owned La Bella Fay Beauty and Bridal for the past 10 years and I am your personal Bridal Therapist.

I have the experience and a passion for making everyone feel the most beautiful versions of themselves on their wedding and for the weeks leading up to your

 big day.

I bring a lifelong love of creativity, and a desire to create the perfect experience and service for each and every bride. I currently hold 72+ certifications within the make up, wedding, hair, lash, nail and beauty industry which is continuously growing to undoubtedly stay ahead of current trends. I am regularly attending conferences and seminars, educating myself on the current hygiene and procedure standards with in the Australian Beauty Industry.

In September, I won Highly Commended (2nd place) in the Brides Choice Awards 2019 and again for 2020,  for the Canberra and surrounding districts region. This award is based on the votes from brides who were married in the previous wedding season. This is a points based system and each bride had one vote.

I am extremely honoured to take out these awards and am forever humbled that the brides I have worked with loved what I do.

Now, you may have thought to yourself, or said out loud to some friends while having a wine... 

"Why should I hire Amanda?"


" What's the difference between her and another salon?"

I am about to become your new best friend from now until the wedding.

I am there for you every step of the way.

I can cater to all of your needs.

I am your Lash and Nail Technician, Beauty Therapist, Wedding Consultant,

Make Up Artist, BrowArtist and your Skin Coach. 

I will plan all of your appointments for you and all you need to worry about is: 

1.  Filling out a questionnaire 

2. Have a coffee with me while we go through all the details...

No Obligation to book me. Let's just chat.

3. If you book, You'll just have to turn up to the appointments.



When you choose me, I will guide you through your beauty regime to achieve that gorgeous wedding day glow and give you the knowledge you need to continue at home.

I will create a wonderfully personal experience for you and your bridesmaids at an exclusive at home experience for relaxing fun, Do-It-Yourself facials and beauty education in the weeks leading up to the wedding day.

Want to keep your dress and accessories a secret and surprise everyone on  the day? I will be there for an honest, unbiased opinion on the dress, shoes and venue or whatever you need, because as we all know, some sale assistants are just trying to make a sale and you know in your stomach there is something you aren't loving about the dress or shoes but you feel obligated to buy it because it " looks amazing" but she has probably said that same thing to the last 20 ladies who have come in and tried on the same dress. 

Everything to do with your wedding has to be so personal and exactly what you want because you are spending a considerable amount of your pay and you want to feel incredible right? I got you girl...

Not good with budgeting? I will be the voice of reason too, if you are getting close to spending over your budget and don't want to give up something, I will endeavour to help you stay with in your budget, offer suggestions, ideas and alternatives so you don't have to compromise on what you want.

Weddings don't need to be stressful and I will be the reason why.

So, If you've made it this far, Let's chat and let me take the stress away from you (and your fiancé' too) a wedding experience one to look back on with happiness and joy.

         Warm Regards,

            Amanda   x


                                    Your Personal Bridal Therapist.



Your checklist will be with you soon...

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